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    1. Publish Date: 25.01.2023

      2023 January – v1.0.1

      The function of Displaying Passive Form Properties in Documents

      The function has been added that allows inactive form properties in documents to be displayed as readable fields. With this new feature, passive form properties in documents are displayed in a read-only format and cannot be modified by users. This ensures that static or fixed information in certain areas of documents can only be read by other users.

      Invisibility Function in Document Forms

      You can set form properties to invisible so that they are hidden from users. This feature is extremely useful when you want to show private information contained in a particular form only to specific users or authorities. The hidden form properties will remain invisible while the form is being filled out or viewed and will only be accessible to designated individuals. This is an important feature to secure sensitive or limited access data and increase the level of privacy.

      User Group Screen

      With this new feature, you can quickly review the current status and content of your groups, communicate with group members and track shared documents. The group screen makes it easy to switch between groups, making the collaboration process more efficient for users. It also allows you to easily keep track of group members’ updates and activities. This new group screen feature of Doxagon provides users with a more effective collaboration experience by combining all the information of the groups in one central point.