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How Doxagon Can Help You Digitalizing Documents?

Document piles related to company information can slow down business processes. Via Doxagon, you can get all your archive
digitilized considering your needs and made available so that you can easily access it anywhere you go!

Easy Upload

You can easily upload single or multiple files to the document management system and have them scanned via OCR during the upload phase.

Customized File Structure

Create file structure and metadata definitions in seconds regarding your organization's needs.

Cloud DMS Installation

All you need to use Doxagon is the internet. You can access it on your computer or mobile devices.

On-Premise Installation

Doxagon installation can be accomplished in different ways considering preferences and needs of organizations.

Detailed Document Tracking

You can track all transactions that take place on the system in detail.

File / Folder Sharing

You can safely share files and folders with users outside the system and restrict authorization.

Detailed Authorization

You can customize all user-based authorizations based on files and folders.

Full-Text Search

You can search through long documents and easily access the relevant document thanks to the smart search document management system available via Doxagon.

Visual Scanning

With the OCR function, you can access the file by searching the text in the content of the images you upload into the searchable document repository provided by Doxagon.

GDPR Friendly

You may store, back up, and, when necessary, destroy your data following GDPR.

Need More Detail?

For more detailed information, you can contact us anytime!