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Bizim Toptan Market

All employee personal files have been integrated into Doxagon, subjected to optical character recognition and digitalized, making them applicable for content search.

Number of Digitized Pages: 286.669 

Number of Created Personnel Files: 5.909 

Number of Files Renamed: 6.202 adlandırma yapıldı

Project Info

Largest and most recognized company in the “organized wholesale trade” industry, with their 178 stores in 72 provinces, Bizim Toptan Market had all their personnel files digitalized. All of them were integrated into Doxagon, available for 7/24, and secure access. All personnel archives have been stored digitally thus completing digitalisation process.


The largest and most widespread company in terms of accessibility and number of stores in Turkey’s Cash & Carry (“Organized Wholesale Trade”) sector, Bizim Toptan Market is

committed to digital transformation. One of our prioritized projects is digitalizing our Human Resources personnel files in compliance with GDPR and KVKK. We are pleased with the service we received via Doxagon, Document Management System of our business associate REISSWOLF. We find it immensely useful.

Hakan Olgun, Bizim Toptan Market

Payroll & Legal Processes Manager

I would like to thank my teammates and BIS Çözüm, who worked jointly in the digital transformation process of Bizim Toptan Market’s HR department.We would be pleased to be Bizim Toptan Market’s solution partner in future digital transformation processes.

Kazım Yazıcıoğlu, REISSWOLF Türkiye

DMS Operations Manager