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Seç Market

All dealer contracts were digitized by grouping them based on document type specific to the contract. Creating a hierarchy for 17 regions on Doxagon made contracts accessible from anywhere and by anyone authorized under the relevant regions.

Project Info

Number of Digitized Documents: 88.823 Adet

Number of PDFs Renamed: 17.687 Adet

Contract Grouping: 17 Bölge Altında 2105 Adet



We are extremely pleased with our cooperation with Reisswolf within the scope of our digital transformation project of our business processes and the efficiency we have achieved.

By digitalizing our dealer contracts with the Doxagon document management system, we have reduced our operational workload, provided cost advantages, and ensured that the data that is very important to us is stored securely in accordance with legal obligations. We would like to thank Reisswolf Turkey for their cooperation.

İsmail Sucaklı

Seç Market-Financial Affairs Manager


With a network of more than 2000 dealers in 81 provinces and a product range of over 5000, we are happy to take part in the digital transformation projects that will make the business processes of SEÇ Market, one of the important players of the retail sector, efficient

and to have successfully completed the projects.

In this process, we would like to thank Mr. İsmail SUCAKLI, Financial Affairs Manager, and his team for helping us to make the right project design by transferring his experience and foresights to us during the analysis phase, which is the most important pillar of the project.

Kazım Yazıcıoğlu
REISSWOLF Türkiye Digital Operations Manager