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Deployment Date: 08.02.2024

Tagging Feature “Invoice” Category and Performance Improvements


Invoice Labeling Feature

In an innovative step, our label management system now offers a new set of labelling features in the “Invoice” category. This feature will be a great convenience for our customers already using our automatic label identification service.


By intelligently identifying incoming invoice records with OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology, the system automatically tags important information in the invoices and makes them queryable. In this way, Doxagon will significantly speed up invoice processing while providing great data access and management convenience.


Performance Improvements

In addition, significant fixes have been made to common system bugs encountered in our web and mobile applications to improve the user experience and increase Doxagon’s reliability.

Deployment Date: 26.01.2024

Tag Management, Automatic Tagging, and File Transfer Notification Features

This update focuses, in particular, on tag management and automatic tagging features. These innovations in labeling and notification processes significantly improve the classification, discoverability, and security of documents on Doxagon.


Tag Management Enhancements


The label management features in the system have been extended and improved.


The automatic labeling feature is offered as an additional package. The existing form structure has been updated as labels.


Default tag types, categories, and properties have been added to the system. In this way, document management has been made more systematic and efficient.


When users who have purchased the automatic labeling module activate this feature, the documents they upload to the system will be automatically scanned and matched with the label types defined in the system. The properties of the relevant labels will also be filled in automatically, making document management faster and error-free.


Transfer Notification Process


During document transfer, the “send notification when items are downloaded” option can be enabled.


When this feature is active, when users outside the system download the transferred items, the user who created the transfer will be notified via e-mail. This is an important step in terms of monitoring and security of documents.


Deployment Date: 17.01.2024

Workflow Management Feature Further Enhancements

Users can now see workflow details in a specific folder and add new workflows. If there are many reminders in a category, performance issues when opening and loading that category have been resolved.


Documents uploaded with the Smart Foldering feature are now directed to the correct folder and the problem of accidentally showing as “in progress” on the Smart Folder screen has been fixed.


Fixed an issue where 11-digit numeric data that should be entered in the form fields was automatically filled in incorrectly when a document containing a form was uploaded. This improvement will make your form transactions more accurate and error-free.

In the Account Transactions tab, the selection of the user to be processed will now be made only from a list of active and approved users. With these improvements, Doxagon will allow you to better manage and track your workflows.


Deployment Date: 20.12.2023

Dynamic Authorization & Workflow Management Enhancements

User can now preview documents in relevant screens. Additionally, it become available to track the progress of your workflow processes, including approval and rejection dates and related personnel details, directly from these screens.
Deployment Date: 13.10.2023

Workflow Management & Approval Process Feature

We’ve implemented an extensive new feature to give you enhanced control over your folders. Now, you can tie specific actions within certain folders to your approval, and set up automatic notifications to be sent to designated individuals regarding these actions.
Deployment Date: 13.10.2023

Refactor Transition

Our system has undergone a thorough refactor, making Doxagon more stable and efficient.
Deployment Date: 11.10.2023

Workflow Management & Approval Process Feature

We’ve developed and added a comprehensive new feature that gives you greater control over your folders. You can now require approval for specific actions within chosen folders and send automatic notifications to designated individuals about these actions.
Deployment Date: 05.10.2023

2FA Enhancement

For heightened security, we’ve upgraded our two-factor authentication system. Now, every login attempt, even within the same minute, will generate a unique verification code, substantially increasing the security of your account.
Deployment Date: 22.09.2023

Virus Document Control Enhancement

To prevent the upload of virus-infected documents, we’ve completed a dedicated security enhancement. This innovation ensures safer file uploads on Doxagon.
Deployment Date: 19.09.2023

Upload Improvement & Virus Document Control

We’ve enhanced our document and folder upload system, offering a fresh design and structure that significantly boost user experience and upload performance. Plus, we’ve introduced a new service to block virus-infected document uploads, reinforcing your security.
Deployment Date: 24.08.2023

Version Enhancement & Bug Fix

Bug fixes have been applied to address findings from general system checks. This update resolves issues within the system, ensuring a more stable and reliable user experience. Users can now use the system with greater confidence.

Version Enhancement & Bug Fix

The latest version update (1.1.8) has completed the transition to the mobile platform. With this new version, various enhancements have been made to overall performance and usability. A series of error corrections has been implemented to elevate the user experience.
Deployment Date: 25.07.2023

Download Speed Improvement & Bug Fix

The .NET version has been updated, introducing improvements for transferring and downloading large files, along with some bug fixes. This update enables more efficient transfer and download of large-sized files, and the system has been made more stable with the specified fixes.
Deployment Date: 18.07.2023

Multi-Expression Search & Version Enhancement

With the recent update, users can now perform deletion actions for each version they upload to the system. Additionally, when saving a document with the same file extension and name in the same location, users are presented with options to either add the document as a new version or replace the existing one. This feature allows for better document management and flexibility.
Deployment Date: 13.07.2023

Reminder Bug Fix

Bug fixes have been applied to address findings related to reminders and general system checks. With these fixes, the Flora version has been deployed, providing a more robust system for a smoother user experience.

Deployment Date: 04.07.2023

Viewer Performance Improvement

Enhancements have been implemented in Viewer to improve the performance of viewing scanned documents. You can now open scanned documents more quickly and experience a more efficient browsing experience.

Deployment Date: 22.06.2023

Automatic Reminder

The newly added reminder feature now enables users to easily add reminders to their desired documents or folders, allowing for the management of important tasks or assignments without the risk of forgetting them.

Deployment Date: 15.06.2023

2FA Implementation

For the security of users, the ability to receive and use a verification code via email or an external authentication application has been added. In this way, users have to complete a second security step when logging into the system. This measure increases account security and prevents unauthorized access.

Deployment Date: 08.06.2023

Search Function & Multiple Document Support in Viewer

With the features added to the new viewer application, users have the ability to search. Also, many different document types are now supported. In this way, users can switch between documents more easily and find the content they want more easily.

Deployment Date: 05.05.2023

Bug Fixes and Performance Improvements

With the update in the comment area, bugs were fixed and performance improvements were made. In this way, users are offered a smoother and faster experience. With the arrangements made on the search screen, users’ search processes have been made more user-friendly. Search results will be presented more accurately and quickly. With the new tab added to the folder detail page, users will be able to view transfer records. With this feature, users can track the history of files and access more information about transfers.

Deployment Date: 25.05.2023

Online Confirmation of Contracts in Purchases via EFT and Wire Transfer

In the event that the company makes a purchase via EFT or Wire Transfer, it is ensured that the application responsible of the company approves the Distance Sales Agreement, Privacy Protocol for Processing Personal Data within the Scope of Commercial Business Relationship, Membership Agreement and Clarification and Consent Text Regarding the Processing of Personal Data online. Screens have been added for the application responsible to view the details of the product information purchased by the company and the contracts approved by the company.

Deployment Date: 15.05.2023

LDAP Screen Implementation

LDAP (Index Access Protocol) screen aims to provide a fast, scalable and manageable network infrastructure to enable users to access information in the fastest way and continuously. The LDAP screen allows users to configure LDAP server addresses, authentication methods and other necessary information. In this way, users defined in Doxagon are automatically synchronized with the LDAP integration and changes made to the LDAP system are reflected on Doxagon.

Deployment Date: 23.04.2023

Multiple Document and Folder Transfer

Users have been provided with the ability to transfer multiple documents and folders. Now, you can select multiple documents or folders and transfer them in one go. Multiple transfers will allow you to quickly share large amounts of documents or folders in bulk with people inside or outside Doxagon, while allowing you to use your time more efficiently.

Deployment Date: 22.04.2023

Folder Transfer Feature

You can now easily transfer a folder and its contents to another location in a single step. Transferring folders is especially useful when you want to move a project or group of documents from one place to another. Doxagon’s enhanced transfer function will help users perform the data management process more quickly and efficiently.

Deployment Date: 21.04.2023

Emoticon Feature in Comments

You can share your thoughts, feedback or notes on documents or folders. Other users can see and respond to these comments and you can create a more interactive work environment in the projects you work on together. The ability to leave emoticons in comments facilitates collaboration and communication, contributing to more efficient project management.

Deployment Date: 20.04.2023

Comment Response Feature for Documents

The reply to comments function allows you to reply directly to other users’ comments. This new feature allows for more interactive communication between feedback and notes on documents. Other users can also see these responses and you can communicate more quickly and efficiently in collaborative projects.

Deployment Date: 19.04.2023

Person and Group Tagging Feature

The tagging feature has been added, allowing users to mention people or groups in comments. You can now use tags in your comments to draw attention to or directly inform a specific person or group. With this new feature, you can tag the person or group of people you want to mention in a comment to directly share topics of interest to them. The tagged individuals or groups will receive a notification below the comment and will be able to respond quickly. This increases interaction between stakeholders on the project or document, while making communication and collaboration processes more effective. Doxagon’s new tagging feature provides more personalization and focus to users’ comments, resulting in a more efficient and targeted work experience.

Deployment Date: 18.04.2023

Document Specific Comment Editing Feature

The communication process has been made more flexible by adding the ability to edit comments. Now, you can edit comments you have sent later. With this new feature, you can easily edit a comment after you’ve posted it, in case you need to change or update your opinion or feedback.

Deployment Date: 17.04.2023

Document Specific Commenting Feature

Along with the ability to leave comments on documents, new features such as replying, editing, leaving statements and tagging are also available. The ability to add comments allows you to use more accurate and precise wording and add new information. This makes communication clearer and more understandable.

Deployment Date: 20.03.2023

Dijikolay Integration

They can use the rich features and functionalities offered by Dijikolay directly within Doxagon. This makes the process of processing, editing and sharing documents easier and faster, while providing users with a better workflow. Dijikolay integration helps Doxagon users manage and collaborate on their documents even more efficiently.

Deployment Date: 25.01.2023

Function of Displaying Passive Form Properties in Documents

The function has been added that allows inactive form properties in documents to be displayed as readable fields. With this new feature, passive form properties in documents are displayed in a read-only format and cannot be modified by users. This ensures that static or fixed information in certain areas of documents can only be read by other users.

Invisibility Function in Document Forms

You can set form properties to invisible so that they are hidden from users. This feature is extremely useful when you want to show private information contained in a particular form only to specific users or authorities. The hidden form properties will remain invisible while the form is being filled out or viewed, and will only be accessible to designated individuals. This is an important feature to secure sensitive or limited access data and increase the level of privacy.

User Group Screen

With this new feature, you can quickly review the current status and content of your groups, communicate with group members and track shared documents. The group screen makes it easy to switch between groups, making the collaboration process more efficient for users. It also allows you to easily keep track of group members’ updates and activities. This new group screen feature of Doxagon provides users with a more effective collaboration experience by combining all the information of the groups in one central point.

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